Custom Lego Escape Pod

Custom Lego Escape Pod. Based loosely on Lego's 2001 set, but very heavily modded.

Basically, the only part I didn't change was the center four curved pieces. However, the original set only had two printed sides. I got two more, so now the printing goes all the way around.

Now, I know Lego released an updated version of the pod, but I like their original design better. Plus printed pieces instead of stickers is definitely a bonus.

I completely redesigned the top. Some "behind the scenes" photos show three boosters on the top, but from what I could see in the movie (and from the original movie model itself) the escape pod only had two on top. So that's what I went with.

I also completely redesigned the bottom. The original model only had one single booster piece on the bottom, so that was changed to four, along with the three small boosters around the edge.

Another angle of the bottom.

Although there are no hinged doors, I did add three seats inside for minifigures. The open space on the side is for R2-D2 who can't sit in a chair.

And here's a Photoshopped remake of the droids' escape from the Imperials to the planet of Tatooine.

That small Tantive IV (Blockade Runner) in the background is actually a mini model I designed that is actually to-scale with the Star Destroyer.

Electrical Blast

Just a bit of practice. Here's an animated GIF of a small blast effect. All drawn and animated in Photoshop.

Lego Y-wing

So Lego's 2nd Y-wing (set #7658) is, in my opinion, the best version that Lego has done. However, it still needed some upgrading. So here is my modded Lego Y-wing, complete with movie-accurate details.

The top pic is the original build. The bottom pic is my modded set. The main difference is in the top back section between the "wings". I also rebuilt the back of the cockpit.

Close up of the cockpit. I completely rebuilt the back end which previously sloped down right behind the pilot. Now, it continues back a bit with windows on the sides and back. The turret is now attached to the roof, but can still rotate. The other thing that I changed is the canopy. I actually repainted that with a solid white top and extra bars on the sides. Similar to what Lego did for the Ultimate Collector Series version, but for some reason, they didn't use that version of the canopy on the smaller sets.

Oh, and I replaced the R2 unit with an R5 unit.

Original build on the top, my modded custom on the bottom.

Here is the back side of the cockpit. Original build on the top, my modded custom on the bottom.

Here's a close up of the back detail. This section was completely rebuilt from scratch.

Photoshopped action scene!

Work in Progress JP T-Rex

So I've had this Jurassic Park T-rex model since 1996, and I'm just now officially working on it. I've only finished the head so far. It was given a TON of mods. I cut the top of the head off and sculpted the interior of the mouth. Originally, the model had a hollow interior with connection posts all over the place. Now, when you look in the mouth, you don't see any of that. I also filled in and sculpted over all of the seem lines. I'll post more as it's finished.

Oz Wars

So a friend of mine is quite a big fan of the Wizard of Oz as well as Star Wars, and they asked if I could combine the two. So here is Oz Wars.

R2-Dog2, Luke Scarecrower, Princess Dorothy, the Cowardly Wookie, and Tin-3P0.
Drawn on paper, colored in Photoshop.

Leo VS. Leo

Finally got back to drawing. Since the movie just came out a little bit ago, I decided to draw this comic image. Leo VS. Leo... of course, there's only one TRUE Ninja Turtle in this pic. haha So now you know what I think of the new TMNT movie... and of Michael Bay.

Original drawing in pencil.


Final color. This was colored in Photoshop which allowed me to add all the textures. I also corrected the angle of the guard on the sword.

Photoshop photo edits

I did these for various customers via a website called PicPhix. However, the site has apparently expired since my last visit, so I'm posting my work on here now.

This one was a simple edit. The customer just wanted his chin thinned out a bit.

Same with this one. Double chin removal.

A bit more complex. She wanted herself to look less angry as well as a thinned chin.

This customer wanted himself to look 20 years younger as well as the removal of the name on the paper.

If these are your photos, and you do not want them visible on this site, send me an email and I will gladly take them down.

Commissions are now available!

I have opened shop for commissions! So if there is anything you would like in Photoshop work, or drawings, or scale-modeling, let me know. You can find all the information on my Commissions page here Commissions

Photoshop Skills

This is a photo taken at a zoo. I decided to erase the fence.

And after...


Pen on the cardboard back of a note pad.