Photoshop drawing. I think the photo this is based off of is a scene from "Aliens"... although, I'm not sure. Either way, here's Sigourney Weaver.


Experimenting in Photoshop. This was drawn with the polygonal lasso tool. I outlined the shapes and colored them in. I kind of like the angular look.

Custom Spider-Man

I just finished this custom Spider-Man figure. This is the 2nd movie Spider-Man figure from 2003. The articulation on this guy is FANTASTIC. However, I never really liked his small angry eyes. So I re-sculpted them into the larger Ultimate Spider-Man style.

The original figure is on the left, my custom eye sculpt is on the right.

The figure was also given a full repaint. I made the striping a darker metallic instead of the bright silver it was previously and the blue was painted darker with a lighter blue dry-brushed on top to really make the scale detail pop.

Modded Lego Millennium Falcon

I've said it before, but I'm a BIG stickler for accuracy. So here's a look at my modded Lego Millennium Falcon. This is the second Falcon set Lego released, number 4504.

A TON of detail was added to the top. Almost all red "rust" pieces were added by myself in screen accurate locations. I also added printed tiles where the ship had damage, two at the back (one on each side) and a larger area between the front center piece and the cockpit.

The sides of the forward mandibles was originally hollow. So I added hinged pieces to the sides to fill that in and add a lot of mechanical detail. This is similar to how the newer 7965 Lego set does it.

I also borrowed the arm connection for the radar dish from the newer Falcon set.

I added these 1x4 tile pieces to each side of the ship to help hold the pieces together since the original ship had nothing there.

Here's a close up of the back with lots of added detail around the vents and various "rust" red pieces added in.

I also added a second turret to the bottom center of the ship (like in the movie) because the original set did not have anything there.

And now for the interior. This is the main room in the ship. The wall behind the chair was previously an escape pod that could launch out of the side. I secured that in place and built up the wall above it. So now it's part of the computer system.

Walls were added between the rooms/hallways just to separate things a bit. I used sloped pieces at the ends to simulate the angled entranceways that the ship has in the movies. Also, a small detail, but the tan hook on the wall to the right is where Obi-Wan stores the training helmet.

Here's the other side with the gaming table. I added an extra chair to the side so that the seating would curve around the table like in the movie. You can also see the added curved wall behind the seating.

And the back of the ship. Not much was changed here, although I did add a trap door in the floor on the left side. You know, for smuggling cargo... or people.

The trap door is hinged at one end and has two spouts/handles at the other. I had to raise the floor a bit here so that the figures could fit inside, but it works!

And I recreated an action scene from the movie for your viewing pleasure.

Generations FOC Shockwave

It's Decepticon Shockwave! This is a custom repaint of Generations FOC Shockwave. Originally, the figure was quite plain with limited painted detail. So using reference photos from the Fall of Cybertron game, I updated the figure.

Robot Mode
All pink "lights" were painted in (with the exception of the eye and chest screen) and the full figure was given a grimy, used look. Also, the lower arms were cast in solid black plastic, so the violet striping had to be added.

Same detailing as mentioned above. The back originally had no paint apps at all, so the pink lights had to be added in.

To push the detail a bit further, I also added some copper wiring at the neck and copper rings on the finger joints. It's a bit difficult to see, but I also fixed the inside of the thighs with had a big gap. That was filled in with Aves Fixit Sculpt and sculpted to look like wiring and bolts.

Here's the weapon. To get the grimy look on the metal, I painted it solid black, and then dry-brushed silver on top. The violet and copper details were added afterward.

Ready for battle.

Here is an animated turn-around of the figure.

Vehicle Mode
Front view. Not much to see here. Although, the front pink screen was given a wash of dark violet to bring out all the sculpted panel line details.

Right side view. Same detailing as mentioned above. Dry-brushed grime and painted pink highlights.

The back originally had no paint apps at all. Which is strange since that's where the thrusters are. So that was also given the pink highlights. Much improved.

Left side view.

Top view. The weapon actually inserts into the top of the vehicle mode. Pretty nifty.

Bottom view.

Animated Deinonychus (Raptor)

Here is a Deinonychus (Raptor) walk cycle I animated. This is traditional hand-drawn animation. No computers were used in the creation of the drawings. The animation is a 20 frame loop.

The Jurassic Park Velociraptors were used as reference when designing the proper look of the dino as well as influencing it's movement.

Traditional Animation GIF's

Here are a few newly made GIF's of some traditional hand-drawn animation that I did. All original characters.

Walking Robot. Actually, I'm not sure if this should be a robot or a suit of armor... but either way, it's a walking figure.

Running Robot. I call him Robos. His head was designed after one of those old portable TV's.

Here's a villager who really has to go to the bathroom.

Lego Death Star Turret

I've been working on this for a while, but I finally finished it. Here is my custom Lego Death Star Turret. This is NOT an official Lego design.

Although it's a fairly simple design, the top does rotate a full 360˙ and the guns pivot up and down.

I have also submitted this to Lego Ideas (previously Lego Cuusoo) so if it gets enough votes, it could be made into an actual set! You can visit the page here

Sneak peak...

Here's a sneak peak at one of my current projects. The Ninja Turtles sewer lair!

Now, this thing is actually over 3 feet tall, so it won't be finished any time soon. But here's a little peak at the process so far.

This is a practice dummy that the sewer lair playset came with. Solid blue plastic with a bit of silver paint on the helmet.

This was completely painted over and sewn on patches were added with modeling putty.

And here's the backside. It was completely hollow.

So I filled in and sculpted the entire backside with modeling putty.

Natasha Ornament

This is a hand-sculpted ornament that I made for my brother's girlfriend. She is quite a great illustrator, so I decided to turn one of her drawings into a 3d sculpture for her.

Here is her original drawing.

The sculpture was made from Super Sculpey and the metal hook at the top is actually a cut piece of paper clip.

The legs were made separately and so had to be attached after baking the clay. I then used some modeling putty to seal all the seam lines.

Then it was painted in acrylics and finished with a gloss coat. I tried matching EVERY hatch line in the drawing to make this as accurate as possible.

Since this sculpture is based on a flat drawing, all back details were my own guess as to what the back of the drawing would look like.

I also signed the piece under the coat flap on the bottom.

Here's a side by side comparison.

You can visit her site here...