Oz Wars

So a friend of mine is quite a big fan of the Wizard of Oz as well as Star Wars, and they asked if I could combine the two. So here is Oz Wars.

R2-Dog2, Luke Scarecrower, Princess Dorothy, the Cowardly Wookie, and Tin-3P0.
Drawn on paper, colored in Photoshop.

Leo VS. Leo

Finally got back to drawing. Since the movie just came out a little bit ago, I decided to draw this comic image. Leo VS. Leo... of course, there's only one TRUE Ninja Turtle in this pic. haha So now you know what I think of the new TMNT movie... and of Michael Bay.

Original drawing in pencil.


Final color. This was colored in Photoshop which allowed me to add all the textures. I also corrected the angle of the guard on the sword.

Photoshop photo edits

I did these for various customers via a website called PicPhix. However, the site has apparently expired since my last visit, so I'm posting my work on here now.

This one was a simple edit. The customer just wanted his chin thinned out a bit.

Same with this one. Double chin removal.

A bit more complex. She wanted herself to look less angry as well as a thinned chin.

This customer wanted himself to look 20 years younger as well as the removal of the name on the paper.

If these are your photos, and you do not want them visible on this site, send me an email and I will gladly take them down.

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Photoshop Skills

This is a photo taken at a zoo. I decided to erase the fence.

And after...


Pen on the cardboard back of a note pad.

Lego TIE Fighter

OK, so Lego has released a few different models of the TIE fighter. The base model for this custom is the second release from 2005. However, I've made quite a few mods to make it the perfect combination of screen accuracy and classic Lego blockiness. The main difference in this custom versus the original 2005 release is the color. I replaced all blue bricks with light grey ones.

Front view. The big difference to the main body is the wing arms. I extended them by one peg and added the sloped pieces on the top and bottom of the arms.

Angled view.

I also added a few 1x1 slopes to the center body to help push the circular shape that the body of the ship has.

The back side was also given a few 1x1 slopes.

Back angle.

Back view.

Here's only the center body of the ship. A much rounder look thanks to the various slopes I added.

Here's the outside of the wing. Basically the same as the original set, but with grey pieces instead of blue. Oh, and I replaced the top and bottom light grey lines with smooth tiles instead of the regular pegged pieces.

The inside of the wing. The original set had nothing on the inside of the wings. So I added all the light grey pieces that match up with the outside. So now the wings have the crossing lines on both sides like they're supposed to.

Action scene!

Dinobot Swoop

I've been looking for decent figures of the Transformers Dinobots... unfortunately, Hasbro has NEVER released a good complete set since the original 1984 figures. So when I found the "TFC Star Cats Dinosaur Team" 3rd party set at normal retail price ($12 a figure, opposed to the traditional 3rd party price of $80 a figure) I jumped for joy and immediately picked it up. These dinobots not only transform into individual robots, but they can also combine into one giant one. However, I probably won't use the combined mode. So now, I'm slowly working on the four dino figures, and here is the first finished figure.
SWOOP!!! ...my all-time favorite Transformer (based on appearance alone).

The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom. As you can see, I fully re-painted the entire figure. In the original cartoon, Swoop had a blue torso, but I decided to base my paint scheme on the Fall of Cybertron game where ALL of the Dinobots are silver, gold, and maroon. Aside from color, I also did a few very large mods to this figure. One is that I cut the posts on each side of his head way down. They were supposed to peg into the arms when transformed into an arm for the combined mode, but since I'm never going to use that variation... Well, they're short "ear" pieces now. I also switched his right and left lower legs. I'm not sure if they were supposed to face the way they were facing or if maybe the figure was assembled incorrectly, but I think the legs work better now. The pin on the inside of the left knee pegs into the right knee when the figure is transformed and the feet are now sloped inward instead of outward. 

Side view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom.

Back view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom. I also un-pegged the missiles from the wings and moved them to the other side. This was done simply for better accuracy to the various character designs in both the TV show and the game, which always had the missiles on the bottom of the wings.

Left side view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom.

Dino mode. Front view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom. Basically, all the same mods and painting as in robot mode. 

Just thought I'd show off the hinged jaw. I always love it when a company goes that extra step to add more playability to a figure. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom.

The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom.

Right side view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom. I should note here that I did fill in the screw ports on the side of the pteranodon face with putty and then painted it to match. The head now has a much more solid look to it.

Back view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom. Here, you can see how the robot lower legs (now a backpack) used to be flipped. The knees did not peg together, and the feet were angled outward. I like the switched look much better.

Left side view. The original figure is on the top. My custom is on the bottom.

Action pose!

And I also decided that the figure needed a new weapon. Although the Dinobot set came with a TON of weapons, I wanted one that would match the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock who has the translucent orange blade (a.k.a. "energy blade"). So I went to work building my own from scratch.
I drew out my design and then transferred it onto a sheet of fairly thick styrene. That was cut as the main blade section. I then redrew the design into pieces on a thin sheet of styrene and cut those out for layered detail. Next, I glued everything together and used some Aves Fixit Sculpt to fill in any spaces. Lastly, I added a craft jewel to the base and a cut section of plastic silly straw for the handle.

I also added random slits in the blade with an Exacto for some battle scars. Since the blade is translucent, these will stand out quite well.

Fully painted. The translucent blade was painted with Tamiya clear. The metallic sections were painted with a base coat of black and then a drybrushing of silver.

You can see how well those battle scars show up on the blade.

Weapon in hand. A PERFECT fit!

Slave 1

It's been a while, but I'm back. This time it's only a few smaller mods and not a full custom. So here is my Lego Slave 1. This is Boba Fett's ship from Star Wars.

Photoshop composite.

Here's a side view comparison. The ship on the left is the original, the ship on the right is my custom. Not much different, but enough. I replaced the translucent canopy with a dark translucent canopy. To me, the darker one just looks better. The wings are built the same, but I used tan pieces instead of grey since, in the movie, they are a tan color. I also, changed part of the side-paneling near the lower front guns because I bought this as a used set and it was missing a few pieces.

Right side view.

Front/bottom view.

Left side view.

Back/top view.

Here's the front of the ship. The only real visible change here is the tan wings and the dark canopy.

A close up of the wings. I changed the curved plate piece from light grey to tan and the back hinged fins from dark grey to tan. Oh, and I also added new posts to the wing arm (the light grey bar that attaches the tan wing to the ship). The original set had smooth bars on either side, but based on reference photos I found, the wings are supposed to be attached by ringed bars. So I switched the smooth bars with these that have ring details on them.

Here's a close up of the modded side-paneling. The dark grey panel with the black stripes on it was originally just a smooth panel like the one next to it. However, since I bought this as a used set, it was missing two of those smooth panels. So I replaced those with a textured piece and the two knobs on top. Matches the general shape of the missing piece, but adds a bit more detail.

And of course those side panels open to reveal a storage space. Originally, this was a secret missile bay, but the missiles could barely be moved into any useful position, so I took them out and added a tan dividing wall so it wouldn't just be a hollow space.

And here's the back of the ship with a comparison. The first one is a scale model of the ship from the movie. This was used as a reference. The middle ship is the original set. It has most of the main details, but is missing a few smaller ones. The last ship is my custom. I added a lot more small details such as the few flat panels to flesh out the flat areas, the light grey solid dish piece behind the dark grey grated piece on top, and I switched the lower three "boosters" to two by simply changing the color of the middle piece (there's only supposed to be two anyways).

Close up of the back.

I also modded Boba Fett himself (as I posted earlier here). But here it is again. The figure on the left is the original 1999 Boba Fett figure, the one on the right is the new Lego release with a few jetpack mods.

The first figure is the original 1999 Boba Fett figure. The one in the middle is Lego's updated figure. And the last is my modded version.

Here's a reference photo from Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. You can see that the thrusters are on the sides (like the old Lego jetpack) and not on the bottom (like the new Lego jetpack). Also, the missile is much larger than on the new Lego sculpt.

Front view.

Right side view.

Back angle right.

Back view. So this jetpack is actually the original 1999 Lego sculpt. I cut it off of an extra helmet I had (because the original Boba Fett helmet was attached to the jetpack), filled the hollow interior with modeling putty, glued a Lego connector piece to the inside, and then painted it. So now Boba Fett has a screen-accurate jetpack AND he can still turn his head because it's not attached to his helmet.

Back angle left.

Left side view.

Photoshop composite.