"Cute Polar Bear"

It was requested that I draw a "cute polar bear"... this is the result.

Bumblebee Animated GIF

I animated this in stop-motion first, and then traced over it as pixel art in Photoshop. So here's an animated transforming Bumblebee.

Custom Bombshell

Continuing my classic Transformers figures, here's the Insecticon Bombshell. The figure got a full repaint as well as a scratch-built weapon.

All purple sections were repainted in a slightly darker purple, all grey sections were painted silver, all black sections were painted in a dark mix of silver and black, and all yellow sections were painted in gold and then covered in a custom mix of Tamiya clear yellow and red for a metallic orange look. I then added tiny bits of silver to the edges to simulate a worn and grimy look.

Insect mode...
Original figure right side.

Custom figure right side.

Original figure back.

Custom figure back.

Original figure left side.

Custom figure left side.

Original figure front.

Custom figure front.

Original figure top.

Custom figure top.

Original figure bottom.

Custom figure bottom.

Robot mode...
Original figure front.

Custom figure front.

Original figure right side.

Custom figure right side.

Original figure back.

Custom figure back. I also used some modeling putty to fill in the large gap in his back.

Original figure left side.

Custom figure left side.

Here are all the pieces used to make the gun. A plastic silly straw, plastic cap, and plastic brush protector tube.

Here are all the pieces glued together.

And then painted.

A perfect fit.

Lego Hoth Chewbacca

So I was working on a few Lego Star Wars customs this morning... and here's one of them. Lego Hoth Chewbacca. Lego has only released "normal" Chewie, but I decided to make one with a bit of snow like how he appeared in the outdoor scenes on the ice planet Hoth.

I simply added white paint to highlight a few areas where snow would collect on the fur. I also added the white eye dots since the eyes were previously unpainted.

I based the snow highlighting on this scene where Chewbacca has snow on his face.

Conan Animated

I decided to turn my Conan art into a mini animation loop. So here it is.
Layers were cut apart in Photoshop, then the pic was animated in After Effects.


So Conan O'Brien hosted an art contest for his show at San Diego Comic Con. I entered, and my art was actually featured on his show! The episode it was featured on aired on 7/10/15.

Here is the artwork I submitted. It's a digital drawing of his superhero character, "The Flaming C".

Here's a screenshot of my pic as it appeared in the episode.

Custom Dinobot Snarl

So we're still waiting for Hasbro to release official Generations Dinobot figures based on the characters from the original G1 TV show. Until that day comes, I've settled on some 3rd party Dino Transformers from TFC. Here is Snarl.

The figure was given a completely new paint job in the correct G1 colors and some smaller details were sculpted on. I decided to base the color scheme on the character design from the Fall of Cybertron video game because that design is much more modern and detailed than the original TV design.

Original figure (left), custom (right). The top green mark on the chest was filled in with Aves Fixit Sculpt and an Autobot insignia label was added (label from reprolabels).

Original figure (left), custom (right).

Original figure (left), custom (right).

Original figure (left), custom (right).

Original figure (top), custom (bottom). Not only was the figure completely repainted, but quite a bit was resculpted as well. The sides of Dino mode were given a thin layer of Fixit Sculpt and mechanical-style details were sculpted in. I also added completely hand-sculpted "vents" on top of the hips to break up the smooth arch of the back and to better match the TV and game design. I resculpted the sides to cover up the green zig zag stripes.

Original figure (top), custom (bottom).

Original figure (top), custom (bottom).

Original figure (top), custom (bottom).

Here are the pieces used to make a set of swords for the figure. From left to right, a plastic silly straw, plastic cap, craft gem, sheet styrene, and model kit sprue.

All pieced together. I filled in all the gaps with Aves Fixit Sculpt.

Side by side of the painted and unpainted swords.

Weapons in hand.

Spock bobblehead

So I recently found out that my mom is a big Spock fan. So for Mother's Day and her birthday this year, I made her a Spock bobblehead.

This was sculpted from scratch in Sculpey clay, hand-painted, and finally glued together.

Here is the sculpted head before painting. Front view.

 Side view.

The left arm was sculpted separately so that I could paint the inside of the hand without running into the body.

Even though it's against the side of his body, the hand has full sculpted detail on both sides.

And the body.

Here is the body, fully painted. I painted the base colors of each section and then went back over with a wash of a darker tone to "outline" the details.

The Star Fleet insignia base was drawn on a thick sheet of styrene and then cut out and painted. I drilled two holes to insert nails for the feet to peg onto. The metallic gold is a layer of enamel gold with a thin layer of Tamiya clear yellow on top.

I thickened the bottom to cover the nail heads with Aves Fixit Sculpt. Then that was painted black and my name and date was written in white paint with a toothpick.

And here is the final figure. After painting, I gave the figure a satin clear coat to give it that professional shiny look.

The spring in his neck was also hand-made.

360˙ turn around.